Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sayonara Orkut Profile [2004-2009]

After a long enough life on orkut I have deleted my account after realising that I was pressing a lot of [F5]'s on the home page to receive updates.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

unknown friend

unknown friend
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A common experience of having a SLR with you when travelling. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LOTD: Respect your elders

Appearing for a job interview has been a job in itself for me these days , off course its not a job you get paid for but the one for which you pay and expect nothing. Its a great social service . :)

Anyways coming back to latest addition to my "Lesson Of The Day [LOTD]" series....

Happened to appear for a nice interview session with a panel of 6 people, all of whom must be 50+ of age.
The chairperson being the oldest, frequently referred to his victims as "बेटा " and threw some basic questions on basics of basics ....of basics of core subjects.
For example "Define internet". :-)
Now a definition had to be in a well formed sentence which was close to the one interviewer had in his mind... how do you (as a victim ) beat that?

The unconvinced stance of the interviewer recursed to every next question he asked. The fury was carried over by others too and they turned down my chances of survival to an extent that , the last person to ask question argued about me not writing my name on certificate page of my mtech thesis. ( of course it was "printed" and not written 4COL)

In the end it was the wrath of fury I took from question no.1 till the end for not quenching the chairperson's thirst for exact definitions. Yet I respect the interviewer अंकल  , much enough not to write the name of his firm :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

BING Is Not Google

Microsoft vs. google is really going to be a battle for a long run. With Mr. Gates entering into the search engine business, microsoft has shown its desperation ...again. Even its windows 7 does not seem to enjoy any credibility. Like they say , "You never test the depth of a river with both feet". And with BING , Microsoft has just done that. People in the open source world have renamed it to my-crow-shaft :D .

I am sure if they were to expand BING , FOSS geeks would call it "BING Is Not Google".

Be it the flashy Ajax working over a randomly selected background, or its low priority to google related search results, BING has begun its journey towards setting another bad example first it was with an operating system , and now a search engine.

A friend of mine mimics the famous dialog from the movie Matrix .... for Mr. Gates instead of Mr. Anderson....
" Why, mr. Gates, why? why, why do you do it? why, why get up? why keep fighting? do you believe you're fighting for something, for more than your survival(of IE)? can you tell me what it is, do you even know? is it freedom(open source) or truth(that MS sucks) , perhaps peace - could it be for love? illusions, mr. Gates.......vagaries of perception. temporary constructs of pathetic coders trying desperately to justify an existence (of a software) that is without meaning or purpose. and all of them as artificial as the perception that u will survive. "

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bid Adieu KGP

Some days ago I read a twitt saying "Funny how something we lived without for the longest time is suddenly something we can't live without" - Simonnet.

The twitt was regarding a sudden crash of google and panic it caused. Suddenly this twitt seemed to touch me in other context, "Life in KGP". Really two years of campus life have been lively and enjoyable. Who doesn't miss his college life ? (except a book worm or a I dont care ;) )

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Interesting gtalk status messages :)

People have this tendency to put quotes as their status message on Internet messaging clients. They change and provide insights into their minds from time to time.

Here is an effort to value those few keystrokes:
[please help me add more to it with a reply to this post]

"I want to change the world but God won't give me the Source Code ... :("

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wind(ows) of Linux

I have Ubuntu and Vista installed on my laptop, But I never thought if I hate windows.

This pretty screen of 15 inch in front of me is my window to the world. How would I hate it if the OS that lures me is also called Windows ?

Windows showed me what I could do, what others can help me do. I cant simply curse the windows for its changing look as a sign of its desperation in keeping up with beryl. I should thank it for making me think a lot before I do something, for example I double click on Firefox only to realize that I have to install PRE-loader for reducing the delay that click will cause.

I should thank the windows for differentiating between Good, bad and the ugly. Even before installing an app I would have to watch out for a "incompatible with vista" warning. Can you believe , even Nero had to release its own product for vista.

When you love someone , its unconditional ... even if the world sees at windows as a moron, I respect it because even in worst case it has set an example for the world of how a window should never be.

आमची Multimedia

When you see mirror you see yourself. You see yourself and associate with that image an 'I'.
Go one step ahead ... you attach so many 'mine's to it. Its a bubble of 'mine's that we all live in.And media is the stick that bursts this bubble so gently that you run into tears out of joy or otherwise.

Multimedia shows how human beings around you are cooperating with you to make it possible for you to have a stand in the society you live in.

It offers a chance to pay tribute to all those who make/ have made it possible for you to be here and will always. Even unnoticed elements of the society can be acknowledged that they Live not only exist , that every dream they see has wings of wisdom and compassion.

Monday, February 2, 2009

At 25 you are facing a sort of crisis. All the time you are thinking about where you will land up after 'this' phase gets over. Either the concept of 'timestamps' or that of the 'landing zone' always adds to an uncertainty and a spiral of dreams built around them gets more deeper.

There is a constant looking back on everything that you cannot control now just to have a gaze on them when you had it. The present tense seems as an invite for the past. Some things are lost but memories remain... damn this hardened glue of memories never melts.

The thought that If-things- could -have- been- different- so -would- be -me ruins the present and succinctly the future.