Saturday, December 22, 2012

A common man realizing his uncommonness.

When I advise something I don't follow, I am just a consolation... a mere onlooker , a bystander. I call myself a common man, always staying out of the uncertainties of life, living dead in a zombie state.

I compare my fortune with the world less fortunate and keep hugging my own, however dull it may be. Call it fate , and pretend to stay happy. I celebrate every festival like everyone does, mourn every mishap like everyone does. I have such a minute sense of being human that I am totally unaware of the uniqueness that nature has given me. I patch my mistakes , don't make up for them. I have temporary solution for permanent problems. I stay put easily. I either over-react or not react at all only to realize that both did not help.

One fine day, I read ideas that have been put into action, have been guiding the humans worldwide and have become part of history. A history, which ultimately is a deep rooted idea that's persistently put into each and every action with far-most struggle and sacrifice. A great sense of thanks and appreciation bulges in my heart. The people who did not know me have done so much for me to see this day.

Now , the choice is mine, I can either be a common man and matter no more, die a worm. Or take up an idea and let it flow with every action in my life persistently. Nature shall take its course naturally in both the cases.

- metta.