Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wind(ows) of Linux

I have Ubuntu and Vista installed on my laptop, But I never thought if I hate windows.

This pretty screen of 15 inch in front of me is my window to the world. How would I hate it if the OS that lures me is also called Windows ?

Windows showed me what I could do, what others can help me do. I cant simply curse the windows for its changing look as a sign of its desperation in keeping up with beryl. I should thank it for making me think a lot before I do something, for example I double click on Firefox only to realize that I have to install PRE-loader for reducing the delay that click will cause.

I should thank the windows for differentiating between Good, bad and the ugly. Even before installing an app I would have to watch out for a "incompatible with vista" warning. Can you believe , even Nero had to release its own product for vista.

When you love someone , its unconditional ... even if the world sees at windows as a moron, I respect it because even in worst case it has set an example for the world of how a window should never be.