Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quotes of the day

Today I was lucky enough to attend talks by two eminent personalities.

One Dr. Shamik Sural from SIT , IIT Kharagpur.
And another from Dr.Romit Roy Choudhury.

3.00 PM :Dr Sural et.al. have done a springer publication on Spatiotemporal role based access control. The talk was a kick for those seeking solace in space and time in the geospatial world. He talked about the spatiotemporal primitives they have introduced. The approach goes like

modeling[timed automata]- Specifications - decidable properties for model verification

The three steps in spatiotemporal or any modeling can be simulated in tools such as UPPAL.

4.00 PM : It was this ever enthusiastic figure standing in Room no. 108, CSE dept. This guy is brilliant and possessed a very strong convincing power. Truly an entrepreneur.

His talk was on the topic "Designing a virtual information telescope using mobile phones and social participation." About the technical details you can find it at his research group link.The things he said made perfect sense and had a backing of a lot of practical results. Here is some excerpt I liked within his talk...

".....People ask me whats the killer app for Wireless networks? ... its "killing time" :D..."

"... CNN iReport.... Nokia Morph .... Nokia N95 Compass "

"Economy forces the local businesses to have a different outlook which we have used as a metric to create a fingerprint database from the ambiance information. This info is collected in terms of freq bands which is categorized into different features in the fingerprint DB using SVM or other data mining techniques."

Today was fantastic ... feeling a lot pumped up after a long time. :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ya you are right in a sense... these 'are' what a MOSFET should have to maintain the system in balance when many of them are combined to form a meaningful circuit.

But here I am using these metaphors (deliberately) with respect humans. Every human being has these terminals but they are not visible....they are mental.

Lets say source = source of (whatever) ideas.
gate = the mediator that provides a MOSFET to operate in source or sink mode.
sink = sink of ideas (only those generated at the source)

Sometimes the mind acts as a source, sometimes as a sink ... The application is just temporal.

People who only use their source and gate are conductive all the time they have ideas to share with others but do not allow the sink to share something. These are the species whom we being social animals, call extroverts.

Yet its never the case that people who only use their sink and gate never have their own ideas. They have their ideas, they have dreams but the extrovert is always so busy not to be able to conduct in the reverse direction i.e. from sink to the source. Obviously it would violate the properties of a MOSFET. But we are social animals and we have the god-gifted understanding of these source-sink dynamics. We should know when the other person is in Source mode we should be in sink mode and vice versa.

Its high time to revise our lessons in source-sink dynamics today to build a better future which is equanimous for one and all.