Saturday, July 26, 2008

Convocation - the ultimate honour by your alma mater

Yesterday we celebrated the 54th convocation of the Institute, (feeling lucky for the number 55 we will be celebrating next year!)

Its the time of year when the institute is completely decorated which reveals its ultimate beauty. The feeling of belonging comes to the hearts of alumni as well as freshers coming in. Our B.E. in Computer Science degree was delivered to me via speed post. So had a little idea of how a convo function is important to attend .

There was an extra one day prior to the ceremony dedicated to rehearsal and not only students but also professors including the Director were present for that. Next day , the proceedings of the convocation were carried out without an inch of delay or misconduct. It was streaming live inside the campus so we could observe how systematic everything was.

Another great thing was how the institute offers privileges to Gold medalists. Girish (My senior) was offered accommodation in guest house along with a separate room for his parents.He was also provided with a cab to travel in the campus. And of course, the Gold medal , I am still to see it.

What could be more fascinating than witnessing it all in a single day? I guess that's why its called an IIT.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Its the start of something new in KGP , but not as much new coz what we once did now is what we are witnessing today :) yes! it is the time when juniors are pouring into the campus from all over India to explore the world of ooportunities that the campus has to offer.

It always bliss to feel yourself like a senior student. And there is nothing wrong in feeling this way.
To celebrate the presence of this new batch , we have arranged Welcome function soon.