Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quotes of the day

Today I was lucky enough to attend talks by two eminent personalities.

One Dr. Shamik Sural from SIT , IIT Kharagpur.
And another from Dr.Romit Roy Choudhury.

3.00 PM :Dr Sural et.al. have done a springer publication on Spatiotemporal role based access control. The talk was a kick for those seeking solace in space and time in the geospatial world. He talked about the spatiotemporal primitives they have introduced. The approach goes like

modeling[timed automata]- Specifications - decidable properties for model verification

The three steps in spatiotemporal or any modeling can be simulated in tools such as UPPAL.

4.00 PM : It was this ever enthusiastic figure standing in Room no. 108, CSE dept. This guy is brilliant and possessed a very strong convincing power. Truly an entrepreneur.

His talk was on the topic "Designing a virtual information telescope using mobile phones and social participation." About the technical details you can find it at his research group link.The things he said made perfect sense and had a backing of a lot of practical results. Here is some excerpt I liked within his talk...

".....People ask me whats the killer app for Wireless networks? ... its "killing time" :D..."

"... CNN iReport.... Nokia Morph .... Nokia N95 Compass "

"Economy forces the local businesses to have a different outlook which we have used as a metric to create a fingerprint database from the ambiance information. This info is collected in terms of freq bands which is categorized into different features in the fingerprint DB using SVM or other data mining techniques."

Today was fantastic ... feeling a lot pumped up after a long time. :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ya you are right in a sense... these 'are' what a MOSFET should have to maintain the system in balance when many of them are combined to form a meaningful circuit.

But here I am using these metaphors (deliberately) with respect humans. Every human being has these terminals but they are not visible....they are mental.

Lets say source = source of (whatever) ideas.
gate = the mediator that provides a MOSFET to operate in source or sink mode.
sink = sink of ideas (only those generated at the source)

Sometimes the mind acts as a source, sometimes as a sink ... The application is just temporal.

People who only use their source and gate are conductive all the time they have ideas to share with others but do not allow the sink to share something. These are the species whom we being social animals, call extroverts.

Yet its never the case that people who only use their sink and gate never have their own ideas. They have their ideas, they have dreams but the extrovert is always so busy not to be able to conduct in the reverse direction i.e. from sink to the source. Obviously it would violate the properties of a MOSFET. But we are social animals and we have the god-gifted understanding of these source-sink dynamics. We should know when the other person is in Source mode we should be in sink mode and vice versa.

Its high time to revise our lessons in source-sink dynamics today to build a better future which is equanimous for one and all.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dark side of the moon ....

With the smiley moon being seen in the skies we thought somehow there was something the nature was teaching us , "to smile"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

LOTD : Send a responce to the pings but expect one when you ping back.

As we grow old, our universe of work expands. You think that you are the SUN of this galaxy and everything else around you is merely the effect of centripetal force.

That's the moment a feeling of I-don't-care...I-don't-give-a-damn-to-it.. comes in.

This post comes as an average day's experience online and offline. As a part of it , I tried to communicate with my friends online and offline.

The figures will be meaningless so the gist of the matter is , people whom i pinged offline were happy to see me, ready for a general discussion on whats up - what has to be - what could be etc and any sorts of discussion. What I thought on the issues being discussed really mattered.

The experience with people I pinged online was not as much convincing. 90% of the ones who pinged me had something new about them to convey to me. Those whom i pinged had something They did not care what I was doing, what I wanted to do or anything. The remaining 10% were offline today :)

I guess we all have universes of our own ... but we are not suns we are merely planets revolving with a centrifugal force called friendship.. the Metta.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A bug's life

Its a month of October and tons of dead bugs are found in the morning exactly below the tube lights that burnt throughout the night. Interesting fact is , there is no sign of them in the morning. A friend of mine once joked that probably they fly towards the sun in the morning and come back to earth as the sun sets. (P.S. a typical IITian's brain you see :) )

Well, its campus placement season and everybody is busy becoming what the market want. The global turmoil in foreign banking is causing some hustle this time. So a bit of finger crossed situation around. Attending PPTs and taking particular note of that salary - slide. No goodies this time for attending PPTs but yet its quite interesting to see how companies lure us all like a bug is attracted by a light bulb.

What's more to say then , Let us see all of us either land up on a light bulb or the Sun.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

सम interesting quotes

“खेड्यातली मुले ही ‘रानफुला’ सारखी असतात . अणि रानफुला जर ……या रानफुला ना जर चांगली कसदार कलि जमीन ,चांगला सूर्यप्रकाश , योग्य ख़त -पानी मिळाले तर ………ती अशी रूज्तात ,अशी उमलतात , अशी फूल्तात ,की ………त्यांच्या समोर मुंबई , ठाणे ,पुणे शहरातील गुलाब ,कमल ,मोगरे सगले फीके पडून जातात ."

Those parts of the system that you can hit with a hammer are called hardware; those program instructions that you can only curse at are called software.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I hate Mr. M.K. Gandhi.

I am not being an extremist but , I simply don't understand what he as a person has tought the people of India. Or his followers blindly copy what he did without understanding the context of his actions. Today we are a free country and there are other ways to eliminate problems. The mentality of holding X responsible and using the so called 'non-voilence' to bring him/her/it down is ruining the states and as a result, whole country today. It is the time of high tide and we are not suppopsed to act so stupid.

ऐसे "अपने ही पैरो पर कुल्हाडी मार लेना " हमे अब छोड़ना चाहिए .



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doctor of philosophy handling Admin jobs

[LOTD* ]: The plus in having a professor to do an administrative job is that you are questioned less... He is always too busy to do that. :P

Today I was at the training and placement section of the insti. I found out today at the (at least (12-1)th) hour that my name is incorrectly printed and I cannot change it , unless academic section had made the updates. The staff handling registration for tnp was so thrilled at me (or us in general , the 11th hour-specialists ) for being so late. They at least Pointed me towards the information cell where the tnp incharge was sitting . This guy was as cool (and as silent :P) as ice.

I told him my situation .... that was 15 seconds.
He was listening while doing some work and kept mum for a while .... that was around 10 seconds.
At last he asked "Roll Number kya hai ?" ... yes right 2 seconds hardly
I answered ....
Next question, "Naam?" .... 1.5 second would be an exagggeration :P
Last.... "OK"

I thanked him on my way out. But I dont think he would remember me next time cause he never looked at my face. Throughout the scene, I was just a record in the database for which he only had the authentication. :D

P.S. LOTD* means Lesson Of The Day.

Monday, August 18, 2008

When earth played with the moon ...

August 16th - 17th I witnessed a Lunar eclipse for the first time [Thanks Nilesh]:

11.30pm: Started with the full moon and no stars in the sky...
12.30am: But the Earth took over its pride ...
2.30am: Stars felt so bright as it was in the happening...
2.40am: Stars realised their delight was momentary as the earth started turning away...
3.00 am: Don't know what every one in the sky felt now as I slept with while thinking in my bed. :P

The scenic beauty uploaded at :

Freedom, as in free speech not as in free beer.

15 th August 2008.

Let's Pledge today that ...

one day I will melt the ice in those frozen eyes, and let the dreams be free ...

And all my life, "spread as I grow" like a tree...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Outlawed Desperation

The newspaper seems to disgrace the Constitution and its 'shown-to-be' pitfalls in one way or the other. There are news of people having trouble in removing their inborn fetuses or divorce problems and the consequent child custody. News papers go to the extent of quoting "a law enacted in the X years back...... is coming in the way." . What the heck !! You want to change the rules of the game , just for the sake of you wining(even I am wondering what that means) ? That's pretty dumb and kiddish. Do something against the rules and then create new rules to cover it up ! The two wrongs would never make it right.

:x :

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Clusterred welcome functions

Every year clouds called GATE and JEE pour a number of droplets called freshers into the campus of KGP.

We welcome these droplets and try to gather them into different jars, some big - some small in size.There are jars of geographical regions, jars of departments, jars of schools , jars of juniors-from-my-alma-mater, so on and so forth.

This was just another such gathering function and we did cluster to some success...

The Maharashtra Mandal's Welcome to Freshers 2008.

The picture shows the contents of our jar . :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Direction - an important heuristic

Roaming around is what you would call a journey-without-direction . Alternatively yes , its beating around the bush . :)

So what's the result of such a journey ? First, the question "what am i doing in this place ?" comes to the mind. You answer the question saying maybe I am doing X here. And proceed as if that X was exactly what was intended. After some time 't' you realize the mistake when you have to clean up the mess X has caused. Your sudden reaction is - "Every body else is to be blamed but myself ". But inside your mind lies the truth. The time complexity of this cover-up operation is O(1) . But the space complexity is O(X^t).

So you must need a heuristic function called direction to travel an optimal path to reach your intended goal in life.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Convocation - the ultimate honour by your alma mater

Yesterday we celebrated the 54th convocation of the Institute, (feeling lucky for the number 55 we will be celebrating next year!)

Its the time of year when the institute is completely decorated which reveals its ultimate beauty. The feeling of belonging comes to the hearts of alumni as well as freshers coming in. Our B.E. in Computer Science degree was delivered to me via speed post. So had a little idea of how a convo function is important to attend .

There was an extra one day prior to the ceremony dedicated to rehearsal and not only students but also professors including the Director were present for that. Next day , the proceedings of the convocation were carried out without an inch of delay or misconduct. It was streaming live inside the campus so we could observe how systematic everything was.

Another great thing was how the institute offers privileges to Gold medalists. Girish (My senior) was offered accommodation in guest house along with a separate room for his parents.He was also provided with a cab to travel in the campus. And of course, the Gold medal , I am still to see it.

What could be more fascinating than witnessing it all in a single day? I guess that's why its called an IIT.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Its the start of something new in KGP , but not as much new coz what we once did now is what we are witnessing today :) yes! it is the time when juniors are pouring into the campus from all over India to explore the world of ooportunities that the campus has to offer.

It always bliss to feel yourself like a senior student. And there is nothing wrong in feeling this way.
To celebrate the presence of this new batch , we have arranged Welcome function soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One thing is surely to be Controlled ... words or emotions

When you don't understand the language others use to talk to you , you tend to catch up with the emotions behind whatever you listen to.

Let these 'others' know that you don't know their language and you turn out to be the victim. :)

They can slang with a smiley face and you eventually take it for granted.On the outside you may feel like an important person but yes! the truth is 'being disguised'.

Two alternatives exist before you now ,face the truth and live with it like a dumb ass or learn their language and take it to the dance floor.

Welcome to the land of India where language changes with every 5 miles down the road. :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Celebacy of being a novice.....

When a fresher tends to care too much for himself , he builds a protective shield buried under which causes suffocation to his individuality. He is being kept inside the safe walls of campus to give him an environment to discover himself, put him at tests and test his ability to survive the competitors. The mistakes you make are all meant to happen inside the campus as anyways none of them would have cost you your life .

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emotional Encounters

So how exactly do you handle emotional volcanos when one erupts?

You seek solace in expressing it, let its magma burn others out so that they glorify the volcano?
Or do you wait for the magma to settle down and turn into rocks that future generations will sit on and have a word of peace?

Often in such confusion , people search for someone to listen to them. And not surprisingly they find a person with opposite sex to be more flexible to talk to.

At times this mental attraction is so immense that one creates reasons just to get a chance and have a sharing of emotions with her/him. We all have faced it . I mean, havent you ever been in any situation when your closest friend tells secrets to his girlfriend / boyfriend which he did not with you ?

welcome to the world full of friends - for - a - reason.

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