Thursday, August 7, 2008

Outlawed Desperation

The newspaper seems to disgrace the Constitution and its 'shown-to-be' pitfalls in one way or the other. There are news of people having trouble in removing their inborn fetuses or divorce problems and the consequent child custody. News papers go to the extent of quoting "a law enacted in the X years back...... is coming in the way." . What the heck !! You want to change the rules of the game , just for the sake of you wining(even I am wondering what that means) ? That's pretty dumb and kiddish. Do something against the rules and then create new rules to cover it up ! The two wrongs would never make it right.

:x :

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Clusterred welcome functions

Every year clouds called GATE and JEE pour a number of droplets called freshers into the campus of KGP.

We welcome these droplets and try to gather them into different jars, some big - some small in size.There are jars of geographical regions, jars of departments, jars of schools , jars of juniors-from-my-alma-mater, so on and so forth.

This was just another such gathering function and we did cluster to some success...

The Maharashtra Mandal's Welcome to Freshers 2008.

The picture shows the contents of our jar . :)