Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LOTD: Respect your elders

Appearing for a job interview has been a job in itself for me these days , off course its not a job you get paid for but the one for which you pay and expect nothing. Its a great social service . :)

Anyways coming back to latest addition to my "Lesson Of The Day [LOTD]" series....

Happened to appear for a nice interview session with a panel of 6 people, all of whom must be 50+ of age.
The chairperson being the oldest, frequently referred to his victims as "बेटा " and threw some basic questions on basics of basics ....of basics of core subjects.
For example "Define internet". :-)
Now a definition had to be in a well formed sentence which was close to the one interviewer had in his mind... how do you (as a victim ) beat that?

The unconvinced stance of the interviewer recursed to every next question he asked. The fury was carried over by others too and they turned down my chances of survival to an extent that , the last person to ask question argued about me not writing my name on certificate page of my mtech thesis. ( of course it was "printed" and not written 4COL)

In the end it was the wrath of fury I took from question no.1 till the end for not quenching the chairperson's thirst for exact definitions. Yet I respect the interviewer अंकल  , much enough not to write the name of his firm :)


  1. Theres an adage, "You must learn from the mistakes of others, You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself!" Although morbid(adj), such other extreme of interviewers puts into perspective the concept of just 'knowing' as compared to 'implementing' :-)
    Nice post dude,
    you seem to have sustained LOTD! My WILT got time lagged :P

  2. And Damm ur 'useless knowledge'! I F5-ed 20+ times!

  3. :D What does WILT mean ?

  4. What I Learnt Today!!