Thursday, October 16, 2008

A bug's life

Its a month of October and tons of dead bugs are found in the morning exactly below the tube lights that burnt throughout the night. Interesting fact is , there is no sign of them in the morning. A friend of mine once joked that probably they fly towards the sun in the morning and come back to earth as the sun sets. (P.S. a typical IITian's brain you see :) )

Well, its campus placement season and everybody is busy becoming what the market want. The global turmoil in foreign banking is causing some hustle this time. So a bit of finger crossed situation around. Attending PPTs and taking particular note of that salary - slide. No goodies this time for attending PPTs but yet its quite interesting to see how companies lure us all like a bug is attracted by a light bulb.

What's more to say then , Let us see all of us either land up on a light bulb or the Sun.