Saturday, November 10, 2007

Birthday Bash

12.00 midnight ....

I used to miss out on bumps coz of vacations in S.G.G.S.
But this time ... celebration was with all the fun and dhoom dhadaka of bursting crackers.
(Its Diwali guys.)

I got the loudest applause amongst the b'days celebrated , as all my classmates tried hard to get attention of all ladies except gentlemen in veggie's* . And we did succeed .Thanks to all .

Friday, November 9, 2007

ILLU 2007.

The festival of light as they call it ...
Today I was witnessing the very sight of it .
IIT Kharagpur has a tradition called ILU meaning illumination in short ,
wherein each hostel prepares a scenary out of diyas (oil-lamps)

Size of the scenary is not limited ,
judges come and decide the winner based on the quality.

To give an idea ,
one hostel has on an average 60,000 lamps lit up to create the scenary
and to decorate the whole building.
Oh ! thats too much no , the next interesting fact is we have 18 such halls .
Make a wild guess on

.....the number of lamps lit up !
.....oil in each lamp X no. of lamps!

..... No. of chicks to watch :D