Thursday, December 30, 2010

Are headphones injurious to health ?

I dont know the answer to that question but I know for sure that all of you have heard some elderly person talking about the headphones in your ear when you are travelling in a public transport. But you dont care what they think or say, you simply enjoy the beats reverb inside your ear, head and mind.

To others , it may seem like a fashion these days. But if you take a deep breath and take a DIY (Do - It - Yourself ) approach , what do you observe ?

- All your attention is on the words / favourite number thats playing on the phone.
- The hot chic you could have easily stared at for a considerable long time seems so cold in no time.
- The thought "Huh traffic! "  changes into "yey ! today I can listen to the track I missed yesterday ! "
- You realise in between that Headbanging / foot tapping is an ultimate freedom of expression
- positive thoughts like "Hmm .. may be , Having to Listen to a song that I hate (just because my cellphone is in a pocket which is sadwitched in the crowd) kinda increases my stamina to listen to any crap."

... and the list could go on and on.

You see , the truth is , in this information age there is too much info floating around, makes you spend most of the time worrying about the things that can happen / have happened . Then what's wrong with a little information in mp3 / wav / whatever format which can get me an instant "high" without drinking / eating something ?

P.S. I have limited the scope of this post to the use of headphones during travelling  in public transport. Otherwise the DIY approach can be tried at your own risk.