Friday, August 1, 2008

Direction - an important heuristic

Roaming around is what you would call a journey-without-direction . Alternatively yes , its beating around the bush . :)

So what's the result of such a journey ? First, the question "what am i doing in this place ?" comes to the mind. You answer the question saying maybe I am doing X here. And proceed as if that X was exactly what was intended. After some time 't' you realize the mistake when you have to clean up the mess X has caused. Your sudden reaction is - "Every body else is to be blamed but myself ". But inside your mind lies the truth. The time complexity of this cover-up operation is O(1) . But the space complexity is O(X^t).

So you must need a heuristic function called direction to travel an optimal path to reach your intended goal in life.

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