Sunday, October 26, 2008

LOTD : Send a responce to the pings but expect one when you ping back.

As we grow old, our universe of work expands. You think that you are the SUN of this galaxy and everything else around you is merely the effect of centripetal force.

That's the moment a feeling of I-don't-care...I-don't-give-a-damn-to-it.. comes in.

This post comes as an average day's experience online and offline. As a part of it , I tried to communicate with my friends online and offline.

The figures will be meaningless so the gist of the matter is , people whom i pinged offline were happy to see me, ready for a general discussion on whats up - what has to be - what could be etc and any sorts of discussion. What I thought on the issues being discussed really mattered.

The experience with people I pinged online was not as much convincing. 90% of the ones who pinged me had something new about them to convey to me. Those whom i pinged had something They did not care what I was doing, what I wanted to do or anything. The remaining 10% were offline today :)

I guess we all have universes of our own ... but we are not suns we are merely planets revolving with a centrifugal force called friendship.. the Metta.


  1. the offline ppl whom we ping are the ones that matter

    the online ppl whom we wouldn't ping when they are offline are there to kill our time

  2. :) exactly the point!! Thanks.