Friday, October 8, 2010

[LOTD]: Return to Innocence

What would a mother do for her children when they fight over a piece of bread ?

To the wits of an innocent child it is more appealing that their mother will treat all children equal and each of them will get equal share in the bread. So with mutual understanding , the mother takes the bread and breaks it into equal-size pieces and all are happy.

Few days back, I  saw a group of siblings fighting over the division of their father's farm. I found that the method used earlier by the mother never really solved the issue for any of the children as none of them was happy.  When the Father tried to divide his farm equally to all of them, they used some other means to verify and reprove of more and more land to add to their share. Hard to believe one of them used "google-earth " to view the farm and claimed that the share he had was much less than what others had received.

The female siblings did not show any interest in this activity as they respected their fathers attachment with the land. They recalled the days when their father did not eat for four days and was lying in a half-dizzy state under the neem tree, (and that's where now stands their mother's grave).  They recalled their father's efforts to spent in educating them philosophically and practically to be strong enough to face both life and death.

The sequence of above events happened when the father was lying on a bed in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with multiple organ failures and brain damage, that gave him nightmares with dreams of land-split and brothers killing brothers over it.

When the बाबरी - अयोध्या  verdict was declared , I felt "Yes !, this is exactly what should have been done a long time back "... It was only a few days that I lived with that feeling of a smug satisfaction when one day, I met with this incident.

Anyways, the teardrops in that ICU had just this tale to tell, I don't want to judge anyone ..... lets all just pursue our return to innocence.

*LOTD = Lesson of the day

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  1. Division never helps, never for the fact that division is a materialistic feeling in human mind. Earth, water, love can never be divided, something we tend to understand lesser and lesser as we grow up. When love transcends from feeling of luxury to a feeling of possession, Divide by 3 suddenly seems to be the correct way to divide dedication towards that singular God. That farm land has a value only when theres someone who adores it, sheds his sweat and feels happy to plough it cos he sees it as worshiping the land and in turn God, not raam and allah.
    We have evolved, we have come a long way. Our brain has become sharper, we know lot more about the nature and ways in which we can be happy. Sadly we have gone far away from true meaning of simplest of the emotions :)