Thursday, July 1, 2010

LOTDs[How to humiliate a new teacher]

1. If he is a newly joined prof, and even if its been months he's been  in the institute, act as if you never knew him in the first place when he approaches you.

2. Bombard him with all your negative experiences and make him believe that he has just landed in hell.

3. Keep the Sign-in register on HOD's table even after noticing that he is in the insti today but havent signed it yet.

4. Deliberately become coordinator of many administrative activities and then cry the hell out in front of him saying I have to do everything to get such a lousy pay.... boy ! you are safe.

5. Assign one activity to him saying "You have to take part in such activities" , and after he completes it , assign the same to him next time saying "Now you have become the expert in doing this"

Some more ways..... coming soon....

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